Baba Ijesha: Princess Tears Iya Rainbow, Says You’re a hypocrite

Comedienne Princess has dismissed veteran actress Iya Rainbow as a hypocrite over her role in the sexual molestation charge against Baba Ijesha.

She claimed Iya Rainbow’s interview on BBC Yoruba on the ongoing child molestation case makes her regret ever respecting her.

Iya Rainbow had earlier in an interview disclosed how she called Princess on phone to plead with her to release Baba Ijesha from police custody, urging the case should be solved amicably.

She said: “I called Princess for four days not to let the case escalate but she refused. Now Baba Ijesha has been released, can you now see? Baba Ijesha may not say anything but he will definitely know those doing evil.

“That’s why we said we should solve it amicably either Baba Ijesha is guilty or not, now Princess is running helter-skelter looking for what next to do”.

Replying her in a 15- minute video, Princess narrated how Iya Rainbow called her and showed empathy, promising to visit her at home but never showed up.

Instead, she alleged the Veteran actress shared her home address with others.

“You called me to pretend you were devastated by the issue. After pouring out my heart to you, you were shouting Jesus! You immediately asked for my address.

“You said & I quote “My dear I am coming to see you, this is too much for you to bear” Did you come? No. I did not complain because my focus is on my CHILD. Then 2 & half months later you say this and you expect me to play dumb,” Princess began.

“While I explained everything to you on phone you were pretending like a good mother. Imagine Mama Rianbow that I hold in high esteem, if I was your child would you have acted this way?

My silence does not mean I don’t know what I am doing, I don’t expect this from you at all. I am quiet because I am going through a lot of pain not because of you. You were so insensitive to have said all you said.”

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